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The role of electric vehicle electronic stability system
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The whole electric vehicle is composed of multiple systems. The electronic stability system is convenient for transmitting the driving situation of the vehicle to the driver. The main components are electronic control unit, ESP sensor and actuator, which have different functions.

1ESP sensor mainly includes wheel speed sensor, steering wheel angle sensor, lateral yaw rate sensor horizontal/longitudinal acceleration sensor, brake pressure sensor, brake switch signal sensor, etc. These sensors are used to detect the relevant state parameters of electric vehicle movement, at any time. A signal is sent to the electronic control unit to cause the ECU to determine the motion state of the electric vehicle.

2 The electronic control unit ECU is the control center of ESP. It integrates the computers of ABS, EBD, ASR, MSR and ESP into one integrated information processing system. It analyzes the instability degree of electric vehicles based on the information collected by the sensors and calculates the recovery electric vehicle. Various adjustment parameters (torque, driving force, etc.) required for steady state, and control of the actuator.

3 Actuator mainly has a hydraulic control unit, controlled by the ECU, used to adjust the system pressure to ensure that the electric car runs normally.

4Electric vehicle electronic stability program system can adjust the wheel longitudinal force and vehicle operation in real time by controlling the wheel brake and engine power according to the information of wheel speed, steering angle, lateral acceleration and lateral movement collected by the sensor when the electric vehicle is running. The state enables the vehicle to follow the driver's intention, ensuring that the vehicle has good maneuverability and directional stability during braking, driving, and steering.

The electronic stability system of the electric vehicle is more comfortable to drive and the operation is more stable, which is a guarantee for people to drive at a high speed. I hope this part of the knowledge will help you.