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Motor connection structure of electric vehicle
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The motor connection structure of the electric vehicle satisfies the performance index requirements, and has the characteristics of high redundancy and reliability. The output end has two output structures, one is a taper structure and the other is a spline structure. Adopting a taper structure, it is good for neutrality. The spline structure is simple, and the right end of the connecting device is connected to the input end face of the gearbox, wherein the taper joint is the joint of the motor machined by the user.

The electric vehicle adopts a spline structure. When the traction motor speed is 5000r/min, the linear speed of the 8208 bearing ball reaches 863m/mink. Due to the structural limitation, the bearing cannot be oil-lubricated and the working conditions are poor, so the bearing easily damaged. In some cases, the 8208 bearing can be changed to an oil-containing 6208 bearing to improve lubrication conditions. Due to the complexity of the spline connection processing, the processing accuracy is high, and the processed product rate is often low.

The output end of the electric motor motor adopts a taper structure. Because there is no bearing in the transmission part, not only the reliability of the transmission is high, but also the processing is convenient.

The machining of the motor and gearbox lands is generally done using a wire-cutting process. Wire cutting is the use of a computer to control the block. When you enter data, the CAD drawings that have been formed are automatically recognized, but the Arabic numerals of the labels are not recognized. Therefore, for the CAD drawing provided during the wire cutting process, the automatically formed annotation data cannot be modified, otherwise the computer cannot recognize it.

The above is some knowledge about the electric motor of the electric car. It tells some precautions for use, so we must understand it.