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Determination of the width of an electric car tire
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The electric tire of the electric vehicle plays a role as a load, and slips between the road and the road surface, so it is a very important component. Many users who buy a car will ask a question. The wider the tire, the better? Let's take a look.

This is theoretically the case, because the greater the width of the electric car, the greater the friction. However, this loss is negligible. On the contrary, the wider the tire, the better (the width of 3.5 is enough, and the width is not enough).

Radial tires are commonly used in electric vehicles. This is a new type of tire developed for highways and high-speed electric vehicles. The so-called radial tires, that is, the ply layers are arranged in parallel with each other, just like the meridian direction of the earth, so it is called a radial tire. Compared with ordinary diagonal tires, radial tires have the following characteristics: large elasticity, good wear resistance, which can increase tire life by 30% to 50%; rolling resistance is large, fuel consumption can be reduced by 8%; adhesion performance and cushioning performance are good. , carrying capacity is large.

Therefore, the use of radial tires is becoming wider and wider. The radial tire is marked with a "Z" on the side of the cartilta, also indicated by the English "R". In addition, the car tire model is also marked with the structure of the tire and the maximum speed allowed. For example, H represents the maximum speed limit of 210km/h, and V represents the maximum speed of 240km/h. The size of the rim is the main basis for selecting the tire. When selecting a tire, the rim and the tire are required to match.

When selecting a tire for an electric vehicle, it is necessary to see whether the logo is complete, the degree of processing, whether the specification model and the original model are unified, etc., to prevent the use of counterfeit and shoddy products.