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Characteristics of electric car air conditioners
- Aug 21, 2018 -

When summer comes, many users buy electric vehicles, the quality of the air conditioner in the car becomes a purchase parameter. The high-quality characteristics of our company's air conditioners have attracted many users.

1. Use a refrigerant with stronger refrigeration capacity to reduce product size and reduce energy consumption.

2. In the vehicle air conditioner, the refrigeration and heating functions can be realized independently by the air conditioner itself.

3. The electric air conditioning system replaces the traditional mechanical transmission compressor with the electric integrated compressor with variable frequency speed regulation;

4. The compressor is directly driven by electric power. For electric vehicles, the power mechanism is no longer arranged in the engine compartment, and the entire system can be integrated and placed on the roof.

5. The cooling capacity output can be automatically adjusted according to the change of the heat load in the electric vehicle compartment to meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Electric vehicle air conditioners rely on fans to exchange medium heat with the environment to get the ambient temperature people need.