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Large-capacity battery guarantees its long driving range
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Electric trucks are generally tailored to the actual needs of customers in terms of container size and load capacity. To meet the actual needs of customers, most of the electric trucks adopt advanced foreign motors and control technologies, making them more powerful and more powerful. Features, large-capacity battery to ensure its long-term driving range, superior chassis design makes its safety performance more stable.

System characteristics and advantages of electric trucks: Electric trucks are equipped with professional industrial truck frames. The frames are rust-proof, anti-corrosion and more robust. This can make electric trucks have a longer service life.

The electric truck's drive axle contains a uniquely designed integrated rear axle that effectively reduces chassis vibration and motor noise, making driving more enjoyable and reducing pollution.

Power is provided to the drive motor of the electric vehicle, which converts the power of the power supply into mechanical energy. The most widely used power source is a lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, lead-acid batteries are gradually replaced by other batteries due to their low energy, slow charging speed, and short life. The main power sources that are being developed are sodium-sulfur batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, and fuel cells. The application of these new power supplies has opened up broad prospects for the development of electric vehicles.