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Keeping the battery in good working condition
- Jun 06, 2018 -

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that is powered by a vehicle-mounted power supply and is driven by a motor-driven wheel to meet the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. It is powered by the electricity stored in the battery. Sometimes 12 or 24 batteries are used when driving a car, sometimes more.

The composition of electric vehicles includes: electric drive and control systems, mechanical systems such as drive transmissions, and work devices that perform a given task. The electric drive and control system is the core of an electric vehicle and is also the biggest difference from a combustion engine vehicle. The electric drive and control system consists of a speed control device that drives the motor, power supply, and motor. The other devices of an electric car are basically the same as those of an internal combustion engine car.

1. After adopting the hybrid power, the maximum power of the internal combustion engine can be determined according to the average required power. At this time, the engine operates under the optimal working condition with low fuel consumption and less pollution. When the power of the high-power internal combustion engine is insufficient, it is supplemented by the battery; when the load is low, the surplus power can generate electricity to charge the battery. Since the internal combustion engine can continue to work, the battery can be continuously charged, so its stroke is the same as that of an ordinary automobile.

2. Thanks to the battery, it is very easy to recover energy during braking, downhill, and idle.

3. In the bustling urban area, the internal combustion engine can be shut off and driven solely by the battery to achieve "zero" emissions.

4. With the internal combustion engine, it is very easy to solve the problems encountered in pure electric vehicles such as air-conditioning, heating, and defrosting that consume large amounts of energy.

5. You can use the existing gas station to add fuel without having to invest again.

6. The battery can be maintained in a good working condition, no overcharge, overdischarge, extended service life, and reduced costs.