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Pay attention to daily maintenance to avoid tool failure
- Jun 06, 2018 -

When the sweeper hears the name, he knows that it is a cleaning tool that should be seen in everyday life. The function of the sweeping machine is not only simple to clean the ground:

1) With a circumferential tread sensor, it can be useful to avoid falling on the steps.

2) Ultrasonic bionic detection technology can be used to determine obstacles through sound waves like a whale.

3) Distance schedule reservation, operation time can be set distance. Instead of a fixed cleaning time cycle.

4) Cleaning and walking system; linear, edge-sweeping, spiral, interspersed sweeping, point sweeping; S-shape cleaning;

5) Rechargeable virtual wall, due to the fact that the virtual wall consumes electricity, from the viewpoint of convenience and environmental protection, it must be equipped with a rechargeable virtual wall;

6) UV sterilization, especially for families with pets and children, UV sterilization can better protect family health;

7) The battery capacity and capacity below 1800mAh are basically toys. The battery capacity of the real cleaning robot is between 2800~3600MAH. This capacity can ensure that the cleaning operation is useful;

8) The appearance of the material, the best is the matte surface rather than paint, environmental protection scratch resistance;

9) Operating noise, 40-60db, the smaller the noise, the better, the smaller the impact on life;

10) The dust-collecting motor, starting from the point of view of sound and life, the brushless motor is more durable and durable than the traditional carbon brush, and the sound of assistance is smaller;

11) The operating power is generally between 30-45W. The greater the operating power, the more complete the cleaning.

When using a sweeper, we must pay attention to daily maintenance to avoid tool failure.

Filter cleaning, washable, reduce subsequent replacement costs.

Side brush, main brush will curl after a long time, with 80 degrees of boiling water, PET material bristles will automatically spring back.

The dust box of the intelligent sweeper needs 3 to 5 days to manually dump the garbage.

Check the vacuum module, check the freedom of movement of the cable and the moving parts, check the vacuum system, check whether the edge brush is damaged and flat, if it is damaged, it should be promptly replaced and adjusted, check whether the filter of the floor sweeper is in good condition, Bearing lubrication points for lubrication lubrication.