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You can always go forward without fear of rain or rain
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Closed-type electric vehicles, also known as electric cars or electric tricycles, mainly refer to shed cars, electric vehicles that shelter wind and rain, and shelter from sand. These are the advantages of enclosed electric vehicles.

Enclosed electric vehicles are divided into: semi-enclosed electric vehicles, fully enclosed electric vehicles, collectively referred to as closed electric vehicles. Semi-enclosed electric cars are divided into: semi-enclosed electric tricycles, sightseeing coaches, garbage sanitation trucks, electric four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled electric vehicle mounted awnings.

Fully enclosed electric vehicles are divided into: fully enclosed electric tricycles, electric vehicles, and electric four-wheeled vehicles.

The enclosed electric vehicles mainly include front forks, handles, front wheels, chassis, batteries, carports, rear wheels, tempered glass, seats, electric wipers, doors, etc. The utility model is characterized in that the front frame is provided with a handle, the lower end is connected with the front wheel, and the rear part is connected with the chassis; the chassis comprises a battery, the chassis is equipped with a carport, and the back wheel is arranged on both sides of the rear part of the chassis respectively; the laminated glass of the car is arranged in the front and back of the carport; There are seats, platens, and car covers; the carports are equipped with doors on the left and right sides, and the doors are made of tempered glass and rearview mirrors. The back of the carport is decorated with car nano cloth.

1, the battery has no memory effect, no discharge;

2, for the first time charging, should be charged continuously for 18 hours;

3. It is recommended to recharge after 30-35 km.

4, the battery is strictly prohibited for a long time without using nor charging, under normal circumstances, a long time shelving is best to add a power every half month;

5, develop a good habit of pedaling power at low speed, climbing and loading