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How to maintain the battery of electric car
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Nowadays, electric vehicles are used more and more, and how to maintain the batteries of electric vehicles. Here is the Hezon electric car:

Always check the connection between the pole and the terminal for reliability on weekdays. To prevent oxidation of the terminal, apply a protective agent such as petroleum jelly. The air holes on the battery cover must be unobstructed because the battery will generate a large amount of charge. The bubble, if the vent hole is blocked by the gas, can not come out, so when the pressure increases to a certain extent, the battery case will burst, which is quite dangerous; can not directly use the short-circuit test method Check the battery's power, which will be bad for the battery; when checking that the battery's internal electrolyte is too low, you need to add distilled water or a dedicated lead-acid battery replenisher, do not add drinking pure water instead; electric sightseeing car in When using, you need to gently step on the accelerator pedal, otherwise the instantaneous high current discharge will damage the battery.

Battery maintenance for electric vehicles: The battery needs to be kept saturated at all times to maintain the battery life.