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Can electric cars get more range if driven more slowly?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Can electric cars get more range if driven more slowly? 

Many customers complained: why the range of my electric car gets shorter and shorter? Is there something wrong with the battery? Can electric cars get more range if driven more slowly?

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In fact, in most cases, customers have little knowledge about electric vehicles and batteries, and there are even some misunderstandings. Many customers have overlooked the following important factors affecting the range. Here are the three main factors affect the range:

A, The weight has a great influence on the mileage of electric vehicles

The small electric car is a light and compact European design. If the load is too heavy, the range will drop a lot.

B, The driving speed also has a great influence on the range of electric vehicles.

The higher the speed is, the more fuel will consume. It is same for electric vehicles. There are also economic speeds. The range data given by our factory is also tested at economic speed. When customers drive, they usually use the highest speed. It's amazing, when speed is twice as fast, and the consume of gas will be 3 to 5 times!

The large power consumption means that the driving distance of the car is short.

Driving at a relatively low speed at a constant speed not only has a long driving distance, but also an effective protection for the battery.

For our low speed cars, when driving evenly at speed 35km/h, you’ll get longest range.

Pay special attention to the fact that when the battery is running out, if keep on  driving, it is very easy to cause irreversible damage to the battery of the electric car. If the electricity is low, find a place to charge quickly, do not force the last battery.

C, Lower temperature will cause the range of electric vehicles to drop

The weather suddenly becomes colder, and it is normal for the range of electric vehicles to fall. It is not necessarily the malfunction of electric vehicles or batteries.

Of course, in the current summer days, you don't need to consider this. When the temperature in winter is below zero, this is an important point affecting range.