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How to maintain electric car charging at home?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

How to maintain an electric car?

1. Firstly, we will understand the main structure of the electric vehicle: body, motor, controller, position sensor, battery, charger, and instrument system. Among them, motor, controller, position sensor and battery are very important.

2. The motor in the electric vehicle includes brush motor and brushless motor.If there is a brush motor for maintenance, it is necessary to disassemble the motor and use the lathe to dig the copper head.Then there's the carbon brush.If the length of the carbon brush is less than 1/3 of the original need to replace the carbon brush, maintenance is difficult, so the general use is brushless motor, the latter need not maintain, but afraid of water, will burn the motor.

3. The controller is used to control the start of the motor, the movement, back and forth, speed, stop and other electronic devices of the electric vehicle. It is like the brain of the electric vehicle.

The battery is the most important for electric vehicle maintenance.It is best to discharge the battery completely and charge it completely at regular intervals, usually two or three times a week.This activates the battery's capacity and allows the vehicle to run for more time.

5. The instrument system is similar to the controller. It is also afraid of water and easy to lighten the socket.

6. If the charger is red for 12 hours and lacks liquid, distilled water should be added. If the charging time is less than 4 hours, the charging indicator light will turn green.Or the chargers' performance will deteriorate and the charger will be undercharged. When the fan is not working, it should stop charging, otherwise it will be easy to burn the internal components.