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characteristics of Small Electric Golf Carts
- Aug 31, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of new energy electric vehicles?

In view of the rise of various kinds of new energy electric machines in China, many friends may notice that new energy electric machines will become a development trend in the future, especially the emergence of various new energy electric vehicles, which may generate many problems.

1. Charging problem.Compared with the traditional electric vehicle battery problem, the current new energy electric vehicle does not need batteries, mainly relies on the inertial motion of the wheel shaft to generate electricity, and stores the electricity through the relevant transmission device, which is relatively cost-effective.

2.2. Heat problems.The traditional electric vehicle generates a lot of heat when it is charged, which will greatly damage the battery life. So far, no such problem has been found in the new energy electric vehicle.

3. Battery life problem.The problem of battery life is a problem that everyone needs to consider. The battery life of traditional electric vehicles is generally not able to be started after the power is put on. There is no such problem for new energy electric vehicles at present.

Speed.At present, all electric vehicles are the same as ordinary electric vehicles. The ordinary electric vehicles are 50km/h, and the commuting time should be enough.

5. Discharge principle.At present, new energy electric vehicles mainly use magnetic self-supply system to charge and discharge. For example, due to inertia and movement of objects during driving, kinetic energy is generated to cut the magnetic force line to generate electricity, and magnetic force is the source that drives the vehicle to discharge electricity.

6. Maintenance.We only need to carry out maintenance on tires. After all, in the process of vehicle use, power generation and discharge should depend on tires. If we find dirt residue or water drop, we should take care of it as soon as possible, and avoid tire ring abrasion or damage.