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Can low-speed Enclosed Electric Vehicle replace new energy vehicles in the market?
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Can low-speed electric vehicles replace new energy vehicles in the market?

Low-speed electric vehicles, also known as "senior mobility vehicles", often appear in niche cities and rural areas due to their low price, simplicity and practicality.In recent years, the traffic congestion in first-tier cities has been serious, and many well-known brands of low-speed electric vehicles have been recognized and selected by the public.

So what's wrong with the "love" and "hate" low-speed electric cars?Compared with new energy vehicles with official recognition and higher cost, low-speed electric vehicles cost less and the body quality cannot be guaranteed.There is no guarantee that better lithium-ion batteries will be used to generate electricity, which will cause environmental pollution during use and waste.

However, despite some problems with low-speed electric vehicles, they are still popular in cities and rural areas below the third-line because of their ease of operation and low price.

At the same time, the difficulty of parking due to the narrow streets and the economic requirements of urban consumers for cars, etc., all drive the demand of low-speed electric vehicles.

We will improve oversight measures

All the above phenomena show that more and more low-speed electric vehicles are accepted and selected by consumers.The state should take corresponding measures to reduce the cost of lithium batteries, and enterprises will continue to improve and progress according to the demands of consumers, increase the range of the battery, improve the quality of the body, and make the low-speed electric vehicles more and more standardized.