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Electric vehicle investment joins to talk about four major devices
- Aug 22, 2018 -

The main devices of electric vehicles have four major parts, which play different roles.

First, the steering device

The steering device is provided for turning a electric vehicle, and is composed of a steering gear, a steering wheel, a steering mechanism, and a steering wheel. The control force acting on the steering wheel deflects the steering wheel by a certain angle through the steering mechanism and the steering mechanism to realize the steering of the vehicle.

Second, the transmission

The function is to transmit the driving torque of the motor to the drive shaft of the car. When driving with the electric wheel, most of the components of the transmission are often negligible. Since the electric motor can be started with load, the clutch of the conventional internal combustion engine car is not required on the electric vehicle. Since the direction of rotation of the drive motor can be changed by circuit control, the electric vehicle does not require reverse gear in the internal combustion engine. When the motor is steplessly regulated, the electric vehicle can ignore the transmission of the conventional car. When using an electric wheel drive, the electric vehicle can also omit the differential of the conventional internal combustion engine vehicle transmission system.

Third, the brake device

The brakes of electric vehicles, like other cars, are set for the car to decelerate or stop, usually consisting of a brake and its controls. In an electric vehicle, there is generally an electromagnetic brake device that can realize the power generation operation of the motor by using a control circuit for driving the motor, and convert the energy during the deceleration braking into a current for charging the battery, thereby being recycled.

Fourth, the driving device

The electric motor driving torque of the electric vehicle is turned into a force against the ground through the wheel, and the wheel is driven to travel. It is identical to the composition of other cars and consists of wheels, tires and suspensions.

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