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Electric vehicle manufacturers explain cleaning and maintenance matters
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Because electric vehicles are electric, they are different from normal fuel car maintenance. Next, electric car manufacturers will explain what you have to do.

First, a comprehensive inspection of the tire pressure, incorrect tire pressure will cause power consumption, short driving range, reduce driving comfort, reduce tire life and reduce driving safety, at least one or two tire pressures per month.

Second, it is strictly forbidden to expose to the sun. Excessive temperature environment will increase the internal pressure of the battery and cause the battery to lose water, causing the battery activity to decrease and accelerate the aging of the electrode plate.

Third, the electric vehicle body temperature can be cleaned after falling below 40 degrees Celsius;

4. Wash the loose dirt with a water pipe;

5. Clean the vehicle with a neutral car wash, soak the cleaning solution with a soft cloth, and do not rub it hard to avoid damaging the paint.

Proper maintenance of electric vehicles can be more durable. If you have any questions, please contact us.