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Taking Into Account The Convenience And Safety Of Elderly People
- Jun 06, 2018 -

The old generation scooter, also known as the elderly electric car. The old era scooter is divided into three kinds of wheels and four kinds of wheels. When the manufacturers are designing, it is not simply to apply the original two-wheeled electric bicycle configuration to the scooter of the old generation, but to separately configure the special motor and control of the scooter. Device.

In terms of function, it is also different from the two-wheeled electric bicycle. It is important to consider the convenience and safety of the elderly.

Older cars, also called elderly electric cars, elderly scooter, and elderly bicycles, are ideal vehicles for the elderly to travel outdoors. Its performance is relatively stable, the speed is slow, the use of electricity without refueling, it is also known as environmentally friendly old cars, elderly electric vehicles use a lot of energy, mainly lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloidal batteries), nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium Batteries, nickel-iron batteries, lithium-ion batteries (often called lithium batteries), fuel cells, etc. The battery electrochemically converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. It does not go through the heat engine process, so it is not limited by the Carnot cycle, the energy conversion efficiency is high (40-60%); almost no NOx and SOx emissions are generated.

The protection function is to avoid over-discharging of the power tube and power supply in the controller, and the operation of the aged motor during the operation, resulting in a malfunction or misoperation.

When a fault such as damage may occur, the circuit takes protective measures based on the feedback signal.