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Keep Battery Life
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Nowadays, more and more electric sightseeing vehicles are used, and our manufacturers are specialized manufacturers of four-wheeled new energy electric vehicles and other electric four-wheeled vehicles. Today's company is going to introduce to everyone the maintenance of the four-wheeled new energy electric vehicle's battery in the weekdays.

  In the weekdays, it is often necessary to check whether the links of the four-pole new energy electric vehicle poles and terminals are reliable. In order to prevent the oxidation of the terminals, a protective agent such as Vaseline can be applied; the air holes on the battery cover must be unobstructed because the batteries are in progress. When it is charged, it will produce a lot of bubbles. If the vent is blocked, the gas cannot come out. When the pressure is increased to a certain extent, the battery case will burst and it will be quite dangerous. Use a short-circuit test method to check the battery power, this will be bad for the battery; when checking the battery electrolyte is too low, you need to add distilled water or a dedicated lead-acid battery supplement, do not add drinking water to drink Instead of using an electric sightseeing car, it is necessary to lightly step on the accelerator pedal; otherwise a momentary high-current discharge will damage the battery; the battery needs to remain saturated at all times, so that the service life of the battery can be maintained.