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Simple Operation Functions And Convenience
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Sweepers are sweeping robots. In the near future, like white goods, it becomes an essential cleaning aid for every family. Products will also evolve from primary intelligence to a higher degree of intelligence, gradually replacing manual cleaning.

With the continuous improvement of domestic living standards in China, sweeping robots that had been sold in European and American markets have entered the homes of ordinary people and have been accepted by more and more people.

The home sweeping machine is a wireless machine, mainly disc type. Use a rechargeable battery to operate as a remote control or as an operator panel on the machine. You can usually set a time to schedule a cleaning and charge yourself. There is a sensor in front of it to detect obstacles, such as wall or other obstacles, it will make turns on its own, and according to different manufacturers, and take different routes, there are planned sweeping areas. (Some of the earlier models may lack some functions.) Because of its simple operation function and convenience, it has gradually become popular and has become a common household appliance product for office workers or modern families.

Robotics technology is becoming more sophisticated nowadays, so each brand has a different R&D direction and has special designs such as: double dust caps, hand-held vacuum cleaners, dust-collectable cartridges that can wash and mop, can put aromatics, or Photocatalyst sterilization and other functions.

1, the filter cleaning, washable, reduce the follow-up replacement costs.

2, side brush, the main brush with a long time after the phenomenon of curling, with 80 degrees of boiling water over, PET material bristles will automatically rebound back.

3. The dust box of the intelligent sweeper needs 3 to 5 days to manually dump the garbage.

4, check the vacuum module, check the cable and the moving parts of the freedom of movement, check the vacuum system, check the side brush is damaged and whether it is flat, if it is damaged should be promptly replaced and adjusted, check the sweeper filter is intact, on the floor Lubrication points of each bearing are lubricated.