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Whether the electric car needs to be painted and glazed
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Generally, the newly purchased electric car paint has a layer of protection attached to the outside, will not be irradiated by ultraviolet rays, will not be oxidized by air, and will not be corroded by acid or alkali. We call it 'paint glaze'.

1 can be corrosion resistant. After the glaze is sealed on the electric car, it can effectively resist the damage of paint such as acid rain, chemicals and gum.

2 anti-static. The electrostatic absorber in the glaze can remove static electricity, is not easy to absorb dust, and is easy to clean.

3 Effective against UV rays. If an electric car is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will easily affect the color of the car paint. If the car paint is not good, it may be partially detached.

4 can resist scratches. A good paint glaze can be used as a protective coat for the paint, and it can also block the damage to the paint. For example: use tweezers to clean the soil, dust, and slight scratches on the car.

5 plays a role in glazing. Because one of the processes can reduce the oxidative fading paint, it has a refreshing effect and increases the surface brightness.

6 can resist oxidation. First of all, it is isolated from the air and is not oxidized. Secondly, it contains UV reflectors to make the paint no longer fading, which can delay the oxidation time of the paint in the atmosphere.

Some old cars are refurbished, often through the lacquer finish glaze, the surface of the paint is like a strong protective film on the cover, extending the life of the paint. If the new car owner has this plan, it is ok~