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Electric vehicle manufacturers explain the cause of smear
- Aug 21, 2018 -

If the owner of the electric vehicle is not properly maintained, or is often exposed to the sun, it will inevitably not appear to be stained.

1. The traffic film is formed during the operation of the electric vehicle, causing the paint surface to lose light.

2. The paint surface of electric vehicles is not waxed. Do not pay attention to daily wax protection. In the daily protection, waxing or waxing is not carried out in time, so that the paint surface is not eroded by ultraviolet rays, acid rain and the like.

3. Improper cleaning of the car causes scratches on the surface of the car body. The car's watch is dusty and should not be wiped with a rag or towel. Because there are some hard granular materials in the dust, it is easy to make small scratches on the painted surface of the car when wiping.

4, improper car wash caused the lacquer surface to lose luster. When washing the car, use a strong alkaline cleaning agent. Over time, the paint surface is prone to loss of light.

5, natural aging. During the operation and storage of the vehicle, even if you protect the vehicle in all aspects, the paint surface is exposed to wind, sun and rain and fog. Over time, natural oxidation and aging will occur.

6. The exposed environment is bad. Acid rain, salt spray and other chemical particles in the driving environment of electric vehicles will cause certain corrosion to the paint surface. The parking environment of the car is bad. When there is no parking garage, the coastal area is vulnerable to salt spray; the chemical industrial area is susceptible to chemical gas and acid rain; the northern winter is susceptible to cold wind and snow; the hot season heat radiation accelerates the oxidation of the paint surface.

7. Lens effect. The lens effect means that when there are small water droplets on the painted surface of the car, since the water droplets are in the shape of a flat convex lens, the sunlight is focused on the sunlight, and the temperature at the focus can be as high as 800-1000 ° C, which causes the paint surface to be burnt. The eclipse has a small hole that is invisible to the naked eye. If the lens effect has a large range of damage and a high distribution density, the paint surface will have a serious loss of light.

There are many reasons for the reduction of the gloss of electric paints. Can you be alert to them in the future?