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Sales peak: Canada July street legal utility vehicles sales
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Canadian electric vehicle sales data for June and July underscored the effect of the purchase stimulus measures, according to the green car report website on August 6.

The tesla Model 3 was delivered in Canada in June, with sales of 2,329 units, breaking the country's monthly record for electric vehicle sales, making it the 16th largest car by sales in the country.


street legal utility vehicles, sales, Canada July electric car sales

In June, the Model 3 ranked between dodge Caravan (which sold 2,403 vehicles) and jeep Cherokee (which sold 2,296) among sales, including gasoline vehicles, according to data collected by GoodCarbadCar.net.


street legal utility vehicles, sales, Canada July electric car sales

Two-thirds of Model 3 sales in May and June came from Ontario, suggesting that electric vehicle incentives there could be scrapped before manufacturers prioritized deliveries to "" heartland provinces" ".That's the right choice.Ontario scrapped its tax rebate for electric vehicles on July 11.

In the first two months after the tesla Model 3 went on sale, Ontario residents bought 68% of the tesla Model 3.That's far higher than the province's share of Canadian electric car sales in 2017, when residents of the province bought about 40 percent of all electric car sales in 2017.

Sales of the Model 3 in Canada are expected to be as low as 350 cars in July.It is not possible to provide accurate data until the end of August, when the July registration data is available.

Delivery quantity in July

Besides tesla, mitsubishi outlander PHEV is the largest plug-in hybrid car to be sold in Canada so far this year.The model sold 598 vehicles in July, compared with 479 sold in June.So far, the total annual number of the model is 3,011.

Sales of the Chevrolet volt fell to just 276 in July, leaving the model with just 3005 units sold this year, behind mitsubishi outlander.In June, the Chevrolet volt sold 397 units.


street legal utility vehicles, sales, Canada July electric car sales

The two plug-in hybrids could compete for second place in sales, though that depends on the Model 3's total sales in July.Reed Troy, of the tesla Model 3 owners' club, estimates that sales of the Model 3 in Canada may have been just 350 in July, putting it at about 3,100 so far this year.

According to tesla's January and April delivery reports, it is speculated that the sales volume of Model S and Model X in Canada in July was around 50, respectively

The nissan leaf sold 418 units in July, its fifth consecutive month of sales of 400 units.

Sales of the Chevrolet Bolt EV fell sharply in July, from 306 in June to just 99.

Meanwhile, Toyota sold 381 prius Primes, its fifth consecutive month of selling 300.

Among other automakers that posted reports, Volkswagen sold 53 Electric Golfs for the second straight month, while Mercedes sold 31 Smart Electric Drives

Honda sold 120 Clarity plug-in hybrids in July.

As of press time, kia has not yet released July sales in Canada.

June market share and registration summary

Canadians bought about 6,370 electric vehicles in June, according to data from automakers and vehicle registrations.

Despite an exponential rise in sales trends in recent months, the elimination of car purchase discounts in Ontario is likely to curb ev sales.

Tesla sold 117 Model S's and 280 Model X's in June.

In the 2018 calendar, Model X sales are nearly two-thirds higher than Model S (752 vs554).It remains to be seen whether this is part of the broader SUV industry sales trend, or whether the Model 3 is cannibalizing demand for the Model S, or whether some other trend is affecting the balance.

Among other U.S. automakers, fiat Chrysler sold 220 Pacifica plug-in hybrids in June, the third consecutive month of record sales.Ford sold 228 Fusion Energi plug-in hybrids and 57 ford focus electric vehicles.General motors sold a Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid.

As far as Asia is concerned, hyundai is selling 130 Ioniq plug-in hybrid and 92 Ioniq electric vehicles.Both figures are roughly in line with the average over several months.

In Europe, BMW sold 36 i3s and 12. Right?The Mini Countryman S E ALL4 sedan, as well as 10 330e and 18 530E plug-in hybrids, were all within the average of their normal monthly sales.The company also sold a 740E plug-in hybrid in June.

Audi sold 56 A3 e-trons, roughly the same level as last summer.In June, porsche sold 23 cayenne hybrids and 26 Panamera S hybrids, both slightly below recent monthly averages.

Mercedes sold 41 GLC 350e and three Gring 550e plug-in hybrids, while Volvo sold 19 XC90 and seven XC60 plug-in hybrids.