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Recommendation for mini pure electric vehicles,Low Speed EV- sales analysis of mainstream models
- Aug 27, 2018 -

In 2016, oppo's slogan spread all over the country. The simple and simple slogan of "charge for 5 minutes, talk for 2 hours" has little literary taste and is not thought-provoking.

The same story happened in the pure electric vehicle market. When customers are using electric vehicles, the biggest pain point is the concern of continuous driving distance.At present, the solutions to this pain point mainly include the following technical approaches:

In the 2020 plan released by many battery manufacturers, the energy density of the battery is expected to reach 300Wh/kg. In 2018, the national threshold for the energy density of the battery is 105Wh/kg. Only when it reaches 120Wh/kg, the subsidy coefficient can reach 1.If, after two years, the battery energy density can achieve a breakthrough, then the same quality of the battery, the driving distance can be doubled;

2. Improve the quick charging time. If "charging for 5 minutes and running for 100 km" can be commercialized on a large scale, it can greatly reduce customers' distance worries;

3. Optimize the power changing technology. We do not charge the battery, we only change the battery.Manufacturing process of chassis?Optimization of electrical changing process.So far nextev has made many commercial attempts in this regard.

4. Wireless induction charging technology breakthrough.Imagine that in the future, if everyone's parking space has the function of wireless induction, the road also has the special lane of wireless induction, and the Low Speed EV itself has the function of wireless charging, such a connection can basically realize wireless charging, this technology is not new, the iphone8 first realized commercial use.It is believed that the future of electric vehicles will definitely be commercialized.The following is a new time-sharing rental mode envisaged by EVCARD that will be put into operation in the future, among which automatic wireless charging is a very important technical direction.

Charging at the same time, the network layout, also made a lot of improvement, the following is a small make up according to charging alliance announced the number of public charging pile, and sales of pure electric vehicles in 2016-2017, to do a statistical analysis of digital map on the left, on behalf of a single charge corresponding to the number of Low Speed EVs, two Low Speed EVs big province, henan and shandong, the layout of the public charging pile are good.

After talking about so many topics related to charging, we would like to interpret and analyze the sales volume of micro electric vehicles on the market at present.In the first half of 2018, the micro pure electric vehicles with accumulative sales of over 10,000 are baic EC series, jianghuai iEV6E, jiangling E200, zhidou D2 and chery little ant eQ1.The specific sales interpretation is as follows:

Looking at the sales data of terminal quick charge, you may wonder why slow charge has so many sales.The small editor analyzed the specific whereabouts of these slow charging versions, and found that shandong and henan are the two provinces, where there is still a need for upgrading and purchasing low-speed elderly car. These customers are definitely price-sensitive customers, and the cost advantage of slow charging versions will be magnified in these regions.

From the sales distribution data of the city above, it can be seen that a relatively simple rule is that the lower the proportion of sales of the first city is, the higher the proportion of sales of the private customers of this model is, and the more popular it is.The concentrated sales of real estate cars in cities is also a helpless response to the subsidy policy.

Baic EC series

In the first half of the year, 4,038 units were sold, among which the number one city was tianjin, accounting for 13%. In may, the sales reached a peak of 23780 units.The low voltage version only supports slow charging, while the high voltage version can support fast charging. The terminal sales are basically 55 open. From the perspective of pricing, the customer perceived value of fast and slow charging is about 7000 yuan.

Given the limited driving range and slow version of the competitiveness, the second half of the year, Beijing will also be listed ec2, learned from the ministry of the data, the hybrid battery energy density is 143.92 Wh/kg, coefficient of subsidies can get 1.1 times the NEDC trip mileage of 270 kilometers, motivation, ec2 will carry a permanent magnet synchronous motor, maximum power up to 45 kw, peak torque of 150 meters, at the same level also is modest.

Jianghuai iEV6E

In the first half, the total sales volume was 17,489, among which 50% of the cities were weifang.The sales ratio of high and low pressure versions and terminal prices are shown as follows, among which the slow charging version of terminal sales accounts for nearly 70%.

Considering the limited market potential of the slow charging version, jianghuai iEV6E has been successively listed in the upgraded version and sport version. Among them, jianghuai iEV6E upgraded version is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 50kW, peak torque of 200Nm and maximum speed of 102km/h.The energy storage device is equipped with a lithium phosphate battery pack with a capacity of 29.2kWh and a battery energy density of 121.08Wh/kg.The new vehicle has a mass of 1175kg, a comprehensive range of 255km and a maximum range of 310km.0-80% quick charging time is 1 hour, and slow charging time is 11.5 hours.

The maximum power of the jianghuai iEV6E sport model is 50kW, the peak torque is 215Nm and the maximum speed is 102km/h.The energy storage device is equipped with a lithium battery pack with a capacity of 41.5kWh and a battery energy density of 144.96Wh/kg.The new vehicle has a mass of 1320kg, a comprehensive range of 310km and a maximum range of 390km.0-80% quick charge time is 1 hour, slow charge time is 8 hours.

Jiangling E200

In the first half of the year, 11,930 were sold, among which the number one city was 56% in nanchang, and the sales reached a peak of 5,740 in May.This model only supports the slow charge version.According to official information of jiangling, jiangling E200N will go on sale on the 25th of this month, with its upgraded configuration and the subsidized price starting from 59,300. The new car is expected to have two models, namely fashion model and luxury model.

In terms of power performance, the new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 54 horsepower (40 kw) and maximum torque of 150 nm.Here, it should be pointed out that the modified model still does not support the quick charge function. I do not know what the reason is for jiangling to carry out the slow charge version exactly.

Chery eQ1 little ant

The total sales volume in the first half is 10,670, among which jining ranks the first in terms of sales volume: 16%, and the sales volume reached a peak of 5,740 in May.The quick charge version is supported in all configurations of this model.This year, the small ants have also been listed in the small ants 300 and 400, of which the pre-sale price is 658 to 718 thousand after the small ants subsidies.

Electric coffee EV10 Pro300

Here we would like to focus on the new production force of the first half of the sales performance.The EV10 is a mini pure electric model jointly built by the electric company and southeast automobile, with a total sales volume of 1,950 in the first half year. This sales figure may not be insignificant for traditional new energy manufacturers, but it is a good sales performance for an emerging automobile manufacturing power.In the first half of the year, all EV10 were sold as its low-battery version, but all supported fast charging function, charging from 0-80%, which takes 48 minutes.It is expected that by the end of August, the Low Speed EV will be launched with its high-endurance version. The driving range of the NEDC is 255km. It is estimated that the rapid charging time will be 0-80%, which takes only 40 minutes.The EV10 Pro 300 has been pre-sold in Shanghai.

As the technology of rapid charge becomes more and more mature, the cost of rapid charge will be greatly reduced. At that time, more and more quick charge versions will be sold on the market.After the mass commercialization of "charging for five minutes, running for 100 kilometers", electric vehicles will become popular in large scale.