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4S shops are crying out for closure! Will direct stores crowd out dealers in future electric car charging at home Sales models?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

There are two main tasks for the automobile manufacturers: one is to build electric car charging at homes, and the other is to do channels.

Dealers account for a large proportion of the existing mainstream channels. In a sense, the so-called electric vehicle direct stores overlap with the dealer model.

Electric vehicle manufacturers will be polarized in the future. A first-tier brand represented by tesla will absorb the first-tier and second-tier mainstream urban consumers with various advantages.

Another new entrant, represented by a start-up brand, will work in third - and fourth-tier cities with the concept of "encircling cities in rural areas".

In the electric car charging at home new channel model, the most likely is a two-step process.

The first step is the coexistence of dealers and self-owned stores.

For example, now weilai automobile, xiaopeng automobile and others will realize mass production by online booking, and then launch a timetable to establish their own after-sales service shop. Then the after-sales service shop will be similar to the 4S store with integrated services of sales, maintenance and decoration.

Of course, dealers will seek to maximize profits through market demand and negotiation with manufacturers. At this time, they will coexist with so-called self-owned stores, which will continue for a long time at present.

The second step, the dealer and the self-owned store independent sales.

As time goes by, automobile manufacturers gradually set up their own self-operation stores to form a closed loop experience in production, sales and maintenance, so that consumers can enjoy high-quality and cheap services in self-operation stores.

On the other hand, dealers are likely to leave some head brands, and they have the strength to sell full-brand vehicles with different services from their own stores. For example, dealers can sell tesla, nextev, zhidou and other types of electric car charging at homes at the same time, so that consumers can have multiple choices and ultimately realize their own independent development.

Of course, the customer acquisition cost is very high.

Stores, personnel, and service processes need to be constantly explored, especially if the concept of consumers can be tested.

Dealers are more flexible in terms of sales model and more diversified in ways based on different cities.

To sum up, under the new trend of electric vehicle sales in the future, whether self-operated stores can replace dealers depends on the maximization of interests. Which way can get the most benefits and which sales channels will become the mainstream or even completely replace each other?