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Is lithium really the future of China LSV Low Speed Vehicle?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

In recent years, under the influence of relevant policies and technologies, the lithium electrification of low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle  has attracted the attention of the industry. According to the relevant media, some low-speed electric vehicle enterprises are now trying the full-lithium electrification power products.


From technology development to product design, from price matching to market development, a large amount of money has been invested. The purpose of this investment is to achieve brand occupation ahead of time when the whole industry is lithium electricity.


But is lithium the future of low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle ?

Today, controversy persists.


According to relevant statistics, among all the low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle  sold in 2017, the proportion of lead acid and lithium electricity was 9:1. That is to say, only one of the 100 China LSV Low Speed Vehicle  sold was lithium trolley. Therefore, in the current low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle  market, consumers are highly dependent on lead acid.


However, all things are not absolute. Although a series of factors, such as market, technology, cost, policy and philosophy, are affecting the market acceptance, at least 10% of the market has broken through.


So is lithium the future of low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle ?

Is lead acid really going to be phased out?

Let's start with the following analysis.


First, cost


This factor is probably the most important factor hindering the lithium electrification of low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle .

Early due to a series of factors such as technology, a low-speed electric cars compared to the general lead-acid car, light cost will be higher than that of 10000-20000, consumers not only can not accept, some automobile enterprise also can't bear such a high manufacturing costs, however, with the development of technology, the use of lithium batteries cost in decreasing at the rate of 20% every year, at present, including upgrading the manufacturing costs, and lead acid lithium electricity editions of price probably differ in 5000-6000 yuan, visible and cost problem are solved.


Second, service life


According to the current service life of lead-acid battery, it can only be maintained for 1-2 years. Beyond this period, all kinds of performance will be greatly reduced and must be replaced. The replacement of lead-acid battery for a group of low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle  is not cheap from the current market situation.

However, the quality of lithium batteries can be guaranteed for 3-5 years, and the rechargeability is also increasing. Some battery companies have been able to achieve the service life of lithium batteries to 50,000-60,000km.


Third, technical issues


In recent years, due to large state subsidies for new energy technologies, some enterprises to increase the motorization application of lithium battery research and development, making lithium electric power technology, increased cell stability and security also greatly ascend, we often see the lithium electricity early new energy cars wade wouldn't start, or even explosive nature, and so on, however, such news and events in recent years, almost extinct, and that is to illustrate the application of some core technology has been the breakthrough and resolution.


Fourth, national policy


This factor is vital for the future of the lithium electricity, in recent years because of the country's increasing financial subsidies to the new energy vehicles, makes a breakthrough in new energy market development, and some new energy vehicles a00:1450:8006 level by this positive breakthrough, although this year is about to adjust the level of a00:1450:8006 national new energy subsidies, but the trend and the future.

Add to that the earlier, widely circulated "four-wheel low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle  -- technical terms (draft)" and we can look into the future importance of lithium.


However, although the analysis of various positive, but we can not ignore its real problems.


For example, the recycling of lithium power, just this year after the national new energy subsidies, the battery life of many new energy vehicles is the maximum bearing year, how to deal with these discarded lithium power, there are many difficulties.


In addition, there are lithium standards. For low speed lithium battery, it is of great importance to have corresponding national labeling, which involves maintenance and replacement in the later stage.


One of the most important is the speed with which markets and consumers are accepting.

As mentioned above, due to the price and concept problems, the total share of lithium battery in the whole low-speed car market is only 10% at present, and how long it will take to be accepted by the market, 5 years, 10 years, or even longer, is still unknown.


However, it should be noted with caution that for China's new energy future, especially for low-speed China LSV Low Speed Vehicle , which are the most popular among the public, lithium is an inevitable trend. How to seize the opportunity and achieve the market, enterprises must enhance their awareness to lay out in advance.