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Facing the rising price of electric tricycle industry, what is the voice of enterprises, dealers and users?
- Aug 28, 2018 -

This year, electric tricycles have been affected by environmental protection, travel ban and steel price rises, and the industry has been in a downturn.

Manufacturers, dealers have not from the tension of the atmosphere to slow down, price increases on the wind, high song.

Recently, steel prices have continued to climb, tricycle enterprises have issued price increase notice.

From last year to this year, it experienced the highest level of environmental protection in history.

Small and medium-sized electric tricycle enterprises, which had seemed to be doing well, closed down after being hit by environmental regulations.

Upstream suppliers that do not meet the environmental protection standards have been closed down, rectification, closure, etc., raw material shortage leads to price increase again, resulting in greater demand for production capacity than supply, raw material price increase, brand manufacturers price increase, electric tricycles have been forced by the situation.

So, in the face of the electric tricycle industry's rising prices, enterprises, dealers, users are what view?

The voice of the enterprise

One company said: the price of raw materials is one price per day, and now there are orders afraid to take them, especially the large volume of orders, insufficient stock of raw materials, increasing pressure, because of the price difference of raw materials closed electric tricycle enterprises are not a few.

Raw materials are only one part. At present, the growth of labor, raw materials, research and development, promotion, intellectual property, licensing catalogue and various terminal costs is accelerating.

At present, the enterprise is still facing the shortage of labor, facing pressure is the problem of profit imbalance, for this reason, facing the channel price rise is also forced, after the price rise is bound to have an impact on sales volume, but do not price rise can not maintain, so all express helplessness.

A manufacturer confesses: now encounter the problem that production capacity suffers compression is "even if high price also cannot get goods (raw material)", do not produce what to sell?

And the price has been in the near future, once missed for the enterprise and the dealer will be a huge blow.

The voice of the dealer

After three times of price increases, stores are the most reluctant to see, the same product is only the time of purchase, but the price has been repeatedly increased.

Store encountered a lot of obstacles this year, originally by the impact of the ban, the market is very stagnant.

Coupled with rising prices of the continuous fanning, the business crisis is more and more serious.

The user's voice

Now the main reason to buy an electric tricycle is: to be licensed.

Even if a small brand is a few hundred dollars too cheap to pass, it is just a pile of scrap iron, and the risk of seizure is a ticking bomb.

From the focus of users, it is still focused on the road card, not concerned about price increases.

In a word, although the electric tricycle industry will welcome the rise in prices, but from the market heat, not like before.

Not only sales are facing difficulties, even many areas are facing difficulties.

So, what do you think?