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How to maintain battery in winter?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

How to maintain battery in winter

Electric cars have become commonplace as a means of transportation, and each winter they are found to have significantly smaller battery capacities than in summer, or become difficult to recharge or even start.In fact, a lot of this is due to consumer neglect of the winter maintenance of the battery.

Charging ways, first time after go home, regardless of age, all want to charge, keep the electricity pool in the condition of sufficient electricity use, if occasionally didn't charge the battery, but often is not full of electricity use, the battery will create a "memory", affect the line continuation mileage, also the service life of the battery.When charging, plug the battery plug first, then plug the power plug.At the end of charging, pull the power plug first, and then the battery plug.

Secondly, start the electric vehicle, avoid large current discharge, reduce manned exercise, and it is best to carry out or assist cycling when climbing, otherwise it will cause great damage to the battery.If the vehicle is parked in the open or cold storage for a few weeks, remove the battery and store it in a warmer room to prevent it from freezing and damaging.And the temperature should be too low to shorten the use of electric cars, and should be charged in time.If you do not plan to use the battery in winter, the battery should not be recharged until the next year. Instead, the battery should be recharged once every one month to ensure the storage capacity of the lead-acid battery and avoid acid liquid overflow damage to the battery.Maintenance battery should be frequently charged, more power.

After using for half a year, it's better to do a battery maintenance at the maintenance point. Replenish electrolyte of the battery properly, adjust the specific gravity of electrolyte, check its power storage status, keep the specific gravity of electrolyte of battery, and increase the number of charging when necessary.At the same time, clean the battery terminal, and apply special grease to protect it is also very important, this can guarantee the electric vehicle start time reliable, prolong the battery life.