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How to make Road Legal Golf Carts more durable
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The Maintenance of Road Legal Golf Carts:

Pay attention to cleaning first, especially the salt water in winter should be cleaned in time after encountering water (many cities spray salt water after snow in winter to avoid ice), otherwise it will easily cause rust corrosion of metal parts, paint film aging and falling off.The second is to pay attention to the maximum height adjustment.

After a period of ride, the entire vehicle should be checked and adjusted according to the instructions.Tightness and lubrication are essential at this time.Check whether the fasteners are loose and the transmission parts are flexible.Tire inflation should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the comfort and service life of cycling.Brake is the basic guarantee of safety, and should be inspected at any time, as long as there are problems should be adjusted or repaired immediately.

Before riding an Road Legal Golf Carts, check whether the tire pressure, handlebar steering flexibility, front and rear wheel rotation flexibility, circuit, battery power, motor performance and lighting, horn and fasteners meet the requirements.