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Driving Tips for Battery Driven Vehicles
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Driving Tips for Battery Driven Vehicles: 

The  basic principle for  old people drive Battery Driven Vehicles is same as ride bicycle, Here are some tips:

1. Check whether electric power is sufficient, brake performance is good, screw is loose and so on before leaving the vehicle every day. If there is any fault, please repair and remove it in time.

2. Obey the traffic rules and don't drive on the motorway.

Pay attention to the safety of pedestrians, especially those riding bicycles.

Drive mindfully, because the speed is relatively fast, you will be in danger if you don't pay attention.

5. The power switch must be turned off, the key is pulled out, the shift switch is pulled to the neutral position, and the handbrake is pulled up;

6. Pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle. In addition to regular mechanical inspection, maintain the battery and charge it according to the requirements.

7. Repair or replace the battery and electrical appliances, and operate after turning off the main power switch.