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​Features of Battery Operated Automobiles:
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Features of Battery Operated Automobiles: 

The four-wheel old car has been loved by the majority of the elderly people, Battery Operated Automobiles help elderly people solved the problem of going out,they can use the car to pick up their grandchildren, shopping, short journey.This article introduces you to other benefits:

1. Have reversing function: because the user cannot move easily and can only move in a small space, the car is designed to reverse.

2. Automatic braking: the user's reaction speed and hand and foot coordination are mainly considered. Release the switch to brake.

3. Large power: it mainly takes into account the degree of hill climbing to prevent the car from sliding immediately after starting, so as to ensure the safety of the driver.

4. Slow speed: if the speed is too fast, the user is likely to fall off the vehicle due to obstacles, thus causing danger.

5. Standard voltage: 24V. Of course, the technology is updated.

So how to buy an electric car? Check out the features above to buy your Battery Operated Automobiles. And the configuration, price, after - sales service must be considered.choose a manufacturer with rich experience in the industry, such the quality and after sale can be assured.