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Advantages and disadvantage of Electric Golf Carts with Doors
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Introduction of Electric Golf Carts with Doors:

Electric Golf Carts with Doors adopts independent suspension shock absorbing system, four-wheel hydraulic braking system and high-strength special toughened glass, and at the same time USES special automobile metal paint.Sightseeing car is a kind of regional electric car specially set up for the tourist attraction, mainly used for the park, the large-scale amusement park, close community, the campus, the garden type hotel, the resort, the villa area, the city pedestrian street, the port and so on area development self-drive tour, the area patrol, the environmental protection type electric car which the transportation special use.The sight-seeing electric vehicle can fully utilize the surplus power when the power consumption is low at night, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, which greatly improves its economic efficiency and is conducive to saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The drawback of Electric Golf Carts with Doors is its weak climbing ability.At the same time, electric sightseeing cars should be parked indoors. On a rainy or snowy day, if they are parked in the open air or are washed by large amounts of water, the rain will enter the Electric Golf Carts with Doors and cause fault in the electric circuit. The mechanical part may rust and the use time is shortened.