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Attention tips when Fully Enclosed Golf Carts parking and driving
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Attention tips when driving and parking electric sightseeing vehicles, electric tourist vehicles and Fully Enclosed Golf Carts.

1. The place of attention when running on the ramp

1. Vehicles must go slowly on the ground and downhill.

2. Fully Enclosed Golf Carts shall not turn on the slope or run across the ramp;

3. When the vehicle is close to the edge of ramp, high platform or platform, the driver must drive the vehicle carefully. The distance between the vehicle and the edge of platform or platform must be at least one tire width ofFully Enclosed Golf Carts;

4. No sliding in neutral when going downhill.Fully Enclosed Golf Carts adopts independent suspension shock absorbing system, four-wheel hydraulic braking system and high-strength special toughened glass, and at the same time USES special automobile metal paint.Sightseeing car is a kind of regional electric car specially set up for the tourist attraction, mainly used for the park, the large-scale amusement park, close community, the campus, the garden type hotel, the resort, the villa area, the city pedestrian street, the port and so on area development self-drive tour, the area patrol, the environmental protection type electric car which the transportation special use.

2. Attention during parking:

1. Vehicles should be parked on flat road as far as possible;

2. When the driver leaves, take the hand brake, put the direction switch into neutral position, close the ignition lock, take out and take away the key;

3. The Fully Enclosed Golf Carts should be fixed on the ramp;

4. Fully Enclosed Golf Carts should be parked indoors. On a rainy or snowy day, if they are parked in the open air or are washed by large water, rainwater will enter the vehicle and cause fault in the electric circuit.