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Smart City Car
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Smart City Car

Crowded cities, crowds of people, noisy public transportation, unsatisfactory weather,

Is your trip a bad experience or a good memory?

Hezon Xinhui low speed electric car, best urban travel solution, love your life through a car, every trip is a start of good.

K3 smart city car副本.jpg


Turn your daily travel into nice memories.

Hezon Xinhui low speed cars are with small size length 2050mm, width 1250mm, easy to park everywhere, may you enjoy your shopping and travel with no worries of parking.


Keep safe of yourself and your family.

Our electric cars are safe as they adopt safe batteries system, strong and energy-absorb structure, stable chassis. 



Low Operate Cost----Serious Saving.

100KM consume 5 ° electricity

One km costs 0.03RMB


Love the earth by zero emission.

Our electric cars gives you the comfort of getting around the city with the knowledge you're producing zero CO2 emissions and significantly lower noise pollution than any regular car.