Best Lsv Vehicles

Best Lsv Vehicles

new model, best lsv vehicles, top speed 50km/h, range 120 km, maintenance free acid lead battery, 4 wheels disc brake, rear view camera, 60V120A battery, 3kwm motor, top quality brand

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Product Details

Advantage Of Electric Car

 1. Full load body
Super-strength steel, strong and strong
The whole vehicle is designed with full load, and the body and chassis are a whole. Super-strength steel and raw materials, the skeleton is strong. The overall layout is reasonable and the quality is excellent.
Lighter, more environmentally friendly, stronger and faster.

2. AC variable frequency motor
Low noise reduction, strong horsepower
Standard high-power AC variable frequency noise reduction brushless motor, long service life, low noise, self-slope anti-slope function. The ability to climb is strong, and the plains are suitable.
No noise, strong horsepower, anti-slope, all terrain.


3.Spacious and comfortable space
In terms of space comfort, this car is equipped with a headrest, two seats in the front, three seats in the back, and plenty of storage space in the trunk.

4. High quality paint treatment
6 layers paint processing, smooth and bright
Professional-grade car paint, high-temperature paint, smooth and bright paint surface, can not use paint. Super cost-effective, the price of electric cars, the enjoyment of cars.
Smoother, brighter, cheaper and more enjoyable.

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