Electric Powered Utility Vehicles

Electric Powered Utility Vehicles

new smart electric car,new city shuttle way, top speed 50 km/h, range 120 km, maintenance free lead acid battery. 4 kw motor, strengthful power, one bottom start. especially for the old and family with children.

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Product Details




1,  Body:PP,PC,ABS injection molding cover


2,  Body structure:monocoque frame structure


3,  Paint:electrophoresis framework,baking varnish of body


4,  Glass:front laminated glass, stalinite of roof and rear bumper


5,  Headlight:Combined LED(turning,position,braking,lighting)


6,  Front suspension:McPerson indepent suspesion


7,  Rear suspension:integral shock damping suspension


8,  Braking:4 wheels disc brake


9,  Wheel Rim:Aluminm-alloy rim


10,Type:155/65 R13, meridian rail tyre


11,Drive mode:RWD


12,Radio(compatible USB/SD card/clock)


13,Stereo Audio


14,Waming blower,natural wind


15,Drive/copilot safety belt


16,high-elastic imitation leather


17,rear storage box,two sides door storage   box


18,air-condition option


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