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Not occupying small, fine, but also environmentally friendly
- Jun 06, 2018 -

A mini car is a car with a very small car content. Different definitions include: "less than 3 meters" and "less than 2400 m L displacement." A typical minicar has only one driver seat and one passenger seat. Many mini cars have only 4 wheels.

The shape of the new Mini hood, large and round headlamps give it the look of the Mini family. Short and compact body, flat roof, strange taillights make it look very dexterous. The outer wheel arches make the car feel more spacious and stylish. Its design is somewhat different: the body is made up of two square boxes joined together, the front and rear windshields are designed to have a small angle of inclination, the side window glass has almost no curvature, and the retro chrome door handles hold It will create many nostalgic moments.

The huge clamshell bonnet not only incorporates front faces and fenders, but also headlights. Such complex shapes are unimaginable under the conditions of past stamping technology, but they have now become reality. The door adopts a borderless design. In order to protect the glass and reduce the discomfort of the passengers' ears during door closing, the side window glass will automatically lower when the door is opened, and the door will automatically rise when it is closed. Every detail has reached the humanized design requirements.

Almost all objects in the Mini car are round, from the rearview mirror, air conditioning air outlet, door handles, air conditioning knobs on the center console, glass windows, etc. to a row of round buttons, as well as cup holders, mobile phones The shape of the frame, shift head, etc. are all round and very cute.