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Main Features of Electric Powered Vehicles
- Sep 08, 2018 -

I. Overall Condition of tourist vehicles in the scenic spot (Condition)

The difference between Electric Powered Vehicles and traditional vehicles lies in the use of power Battery.This kind of battery has very strong power and good endurance, instead of using the Engine of the fuel tank, it not only saves money, but also is very green environmental protection.

II.Description of power source of tour vehicle

The main power of tourist vehicles in the scenic area comes from the Battery, so it is the important part of the whole Electric Powered Vehicles. Without it, there is no way to power the motor, so it cannot drive.Therefore, the scenic spot tourist bus is light and has a high load capacity.It can increase battery life if used properly, and its battery has features such as fast charging, good security, optional xuanze and flexible configuration.

III.The security of scenic spot tourist vehicle is high

As the tour bus in the scenic area is a low-speed car, so security is also very good.The battery car is powered by a battery, which does not discharge harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere, and can be used only when the battery is charged.In the operation and control process of deceleration brake (guo cheng), the deceleration device of Electric Powered Vehicles can largely reduce to the maximum extent because of the impact on passengers during parking and starting. In general, the performance of tourist vehicles in tourist areas is quite good.