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Low cost, stable performance
- Jun 06, 2018 -

The battery is a chemical substance and therefore also has a certain service life. For example, a primary battery such as a dry battery (including an ordinary alkaline battery) cannot be charged, and the service life is of course only once. For rechargeable batteries, we generally measure the length of service life by charging times. The cycle life of nickel-cadmium batteries is around 300~700 times, the rechargeable times of nickel-metal hydride batteries are generally 400~1000 times, and the lithium-ion batteries are 500~800 times. The service life of the rechargeable battery is not only influenced by factors such as raw materials used in the production of the battery and manufacturing processes, but also is closely related to the method of charging and discharging of the battery and actual usage. For example, the 6-cell nickel-cadmium battery that someone started using in 1985 has continued to be used, but the battery capacity has been somewhat reduced. It seems that as long as the use of a reasonable method, rechargeable batteries can fully meet or even greatly exceed the nominal service life.

1, lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloidal batteries), low cost, stable performance, most of the electric vehicles on the market use this type of battery.

2. Lithium-ion battery (usually called lithium battery), high cost, but with higher specific energy; higher specific power; small self-discharge; no memory effect, good cycle characteristics, wide operating temperature range, no environmental pollution, etc. advantage

3, Jingjiao batteries, high cost, stable performance, the market use of such batteries electric vehicles are rare, only a few businesses to configure this high-performance battery, the highest safety factor. The advantage of the service life is far higher than that of the first two types of batteries and the advantage of self-repairing function is also the leading position of the industry. The advantage is that the lead-acid battery does not have, and the disadvantage of the lead-acid battery stratification is avoided.