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Four big reasons to tell you: October will usher in peak cheapest electric car China sales!
- Aug 27, 2018 -

These few days total listen to

These few days total listen to cheapest electric car China enterprise manager heel big event complain, recently the market is weak see bottom, the dealer does not deliver goods now!

Actually this also cannot blame the dealer, because they also do not want!Government after government wave after wave, a lot of local dealers were closed!

First of all, after the introduction of the new national standard, the overpass vehicles were banned, and Beijing bore the brunt of the ban, less than a week, the entire Beijing cheapest electric car China shop turned, the customs, even taobao, jingdong these e-commerce platforms are not spared!Followed by dozens of cities across the country, cycling, the sale of a car, directly led to want to buy do not buy, want to sell can not sell!

Secondly, it was not easy to expect the 3C certification of the new national standard model to start. A big fire in Shanghai burned out the "fire control inspection", which was originally just a routine inspection of substandard chargers, shanzhai batteries and so on by the industry and quality supervision.

The entire industry in the 789 three months peak period was scared to ED, a failure!

But, according to the big event forecast, in this particular year, the real peak season may be in October!There are four reasons:

1. The peak season will not be absent, but late.Since the three months of 789 is known as the peak season for electric vehicle sales, it means that there is a large amount of demand concentrated in this stage. However, this year, due to the reasons of industrial and commercial departments and traffic management departments, this part of demand has been suppressed, but it has not been killed.

2. The first batch of electric bicycle 3C certification is ended, and cars can be sold.Now the biggest problem with the terminal is that there is no car to sell. Even the new national standard models that meet the requirements of the country are afraid to be sold because there are no 3C products.But to October, this application 3C enterprise basically ended, the model that gets 3C certification can enter terminal sale quickly, need not worry industry and commerce, quality supervision department to check water meter!

3. In October, the management documents of dianmo are expected to be clear, and dealers will no longer wait and see.While many companies are now promoting their own credentials, even local governments, let alone dealers, are waiting to see what the state's attitude is.In the long run, the country will not be a one-size-fits-all, but will issue relevant standard documents for standardized management.On September 13 last year, ministry of industry and information technology released the draft for comment of dianzhong international standard.Believe to arrive in October, the dealer can go on the electric motor product sale that has qualified enterprise boldly!

4. Manufacturers are eager to withdraw funds and release water in large quantities.Enter October, after all policies are clear, the manufacturer that is eager to exit inventory is lined up, dealer will usher in true "buyer's market".Terminal all sorts of sales promotion also can rise one after another, consumer is in order to take advantage of already checked the thing of exceeding the mark car forgot!

Therefore, no matter the enterprise or the dealer, persistence is the victory, must hold on!