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Peak Season Of Low Speed Electric Vehicles, We Are Ready!
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Peak Season of Low Speed Electric Vehicles, We Are Ready!

July 2018


Sowing in Spring and reared in Summer, the low speed electric vehicles’ harvest season is approaching, we make comprehensive plan for peak season production.


In order to expand the positions to meet the production needs, and at the same time guide the crowds who came to apply for the job, Manager of the Personnel Department pick from the various departments to recruit a group of employees with human recruitment experience to form a recruitment team to jointly complete this arduous and glorious recruitment task. In this temporarily formed team, each employee has a very clear division of responsibilities. During the recruitment process, everyone is responsible for ensuring the smooth completion of the recruitment process.




As a strong backing of dealers, Hezon Xinhui Vehicles not only ensures production, but also works together from products, quality, market and after-sales. Even during the peak season, quality is strictly controlled to ensure production, inspection, and The logistics and other aspects of the work are solidly in place to better serve every dealer and every user.

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