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Common Problems And Treatment Methods For After-sales And Daily Use Of Micro Electric Vehicles
- Oct 25, 2018 -

It is not uncommon for quality problems in the daily use of miniature electric vehicles. However, there are problems in the use of the product. In addition to contacting the store for consultation and maintenance, we also need to prepare some common tools and do some simple maintenance. This way, unless the necessary items go to the dealer to check, many small things can be solved by ourselves. However, whether you go to the dealer for after-sales maintenance or do it yourself, you need to pay attention to some problems.


    Attention should be paid to the dealer's after-sales service.


    A: Familiarity with the content of micro-electric vehicles that need to be repaired at the dealership for after-sales maintenance. The general after-sales items that are commonly used at dealers in miniature electric vehicles are: gear oil filling, brake system inspection test, door handle and other consumable parts replacement, motor inspection, controller inspection, circuit inspection, battery Inspection and testing.


    Second: During the warranty period, the problem of micro-car discovery must be resolved within the warranty period.


    Three: Parts of the warranty period must be maintained at the dealer's office, and maintenance records are retained.


    Four: It should be noted that the warranty period of the motor, controller and battery of the miniature electric vehicle is not the same as the warranty period of each part. The three major parts outside the warranty period require additional cost. Money to replace (the dealer will not repair the parts, only the overall replacement). In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, it is necessary to carry out the local dealers when maintaining these three major items.


    The necessary micro-car problems require after-sales maintenance at the dealership, but we can try some of the common problems.


    One: There are scratches and dirt on the surface of the car body. Treatment method: purchase tar cleaning agent and purchase paint pen. Body scratches can be touch-painted with a paint pen; stains that are difficult to clean (paint, oil) can be quickly wiped with tar cleaning.


    Second: the car can not start without electricity. Solution: Open the hood and use the startup power cord to charge. (Generally, lithium-ion micro-electric vehicles will be equipped with lead-acid start-up power supply separately, and attention should be paid to the situation of loss of power.)


    Three: replacement of the wiper and filling of the glass water. Solution: Prepare the corresponding screwdriver and boneless wiper. Miniature electric vehicles are limited by the cost. The front hood is basically linked by screws and windshield. Usually, adding glass water requires a screwdriver to unscrew the screws at the joints; the wiper is replaced like a car.


    Four: The car does not charge. Treatment method: Check the main power switch of the whole vehicle. The micro electric vehicle is not charged when the total power supply of the whole vehicle is cut off.


    Five: Central control navigation crash, black screen, Karton. Solution: Restart the micro-car.


    Sixth: The whole vehicle is not working properly. Solution: Turn off the micro electric vehicle and start it in the normal startup sequence. If the micro-electric vehicle is started according to the wrong startup procedure, it will not move forward when the power is on.

   The above solutions can be found in the daily use of miniature electric vehicles.