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Cheap, Convenient, And Environmentally Friendly Features
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Electric vehicles, that is, electric vehicles, also known as electric cars. Electric vehicles are divided into AC electric vehicles and DC electric vehicles. Generally speaking, an electric vehicle uses a battery as an energy source and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy through a controller, a motor, and the like to control a vehicle whose current size changes speed.

The first electric vehicle was built in 1881 and was invented by the French engineer Gustav Treff. It was a tricycle powered by a lead-acid battery. It was driven by a DC motor. Today, electric vehicles Great changes have taken place, and the types are also varied.

As the green sunrise industry, electric vehicles have been developing in China for 10 years. In the area of electric bicycles, by the end of 2010, China's electric bicycles had reached 120 million, and it was growing at a rate of 30% per year.

From the perspective of energy consumption, electric bicycles are only one-eighth of motorcycles and one-twelfth of cars;

From the perspective of occupying space, an electric bicycle has only one-twentieth of the space occupied by ordinary private cars;

From the perspective of development trends, the market prospects of the electric bicycle industry are still promising.

Electric bicycles have been favored by the urban middle and low-income groups for their functional advantages of low cost, convenience and environmental protection. China's electric bicycles have entered the market in small quantities in the mid-1990s from research and development to production and sales since 2012, and have been showing significant growth year after year. Due to strong demand, the electric bicycle market in China has maintained a leaping growth in recent years.