Small Electric Cars For Adults

Small Electric Cars For Adults

city travel, best short distance traveling car,3 KW motor, top speed 50 km/h, 4 adults seats, maintenance free lead acid battery,60V 100A battery. 4 wheels disc brake, rear drive system, on board charge,household AC 220V charging system , convenient and save time

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Xinxiang Hezon Xinhui Electric Co.,LTD, which is pressional in supplying 3/4 wheels low speed electric vehicle and established in 2011.  Our cars are widely used in golfing park, community, crusing,shopping,city travel,..,ect. In the following days, we are aimed to supply more and more economy, fashion, high quality cars to serve our clients


  1. Strict factory inspection, excellent interior, green traveing, LED fashional headlight 

  2. Automobile electrophoresis primer, metallic paint,  luxury interior,  whole car metal plate,stamping structure, 4 wheels disc brake, more safe

  3. High quality interior, luxury car driving feelings, excellent interior

  4. Rear spring damping, front hydraulic pressure stamping 

  5. LED headlight, long time use, save power and eco-friendly 

  6. 4 wheels disc brake, excellent braking performance, more safe

  7. top brand motor,  strong power

  8. 2 doors 4 seats, 

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