Motorized Utility Vehicles

Motorized Utility Vehicles

low speed motorized utility vehicles, beautiful outlook, safety driving and eco-friendly

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  • Features:

    H6 configuration

  • Lestest product

    H6, new brand and hotest product now, star product from HEZON XINHUI CO.,LTD

    Beautiful outlook, attracking your eyes at the first sight.

    Color:orange, green, blue, white,cyan.

    Low speed motorized utility vehicles

    High configuration and great performance:

    Electric Intelligent Power Steering, AC, Adjustable Seats, Safety-belt, Automotive Doors and Windshield, Multi-player, Knob Shift Gear and etc. 

    our H6 motorized utility vehicles have the characteristics: 

    1). Our electric vehicle have many patents in china, unique new models, innovative modeling, can match with the market requirement.

    2).Try to make the comfortable and safety electric vehicle in globe. safe fashion, economy. 

    3. We have 15 years making experience, have world's leading technology.

    4). Refined decoration, beautiful solemn apperance.
    5). Widen wheels distance, comfortable and safely.
    6). LED light, brightness and safe and beautiful.
    7). we have the full whole production line from iron sheet to the whole vehicle car. so we can control the quality well. 
    8). invisual strong body. 
    9). Chrome plated door handle. 

Hezon Vehicle has more than 100 technical backbone stuff from major car companies in China and has established a professional R&D team. It has formed a research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service system for complete vehicles and key components of electric vehicles. As professional manufacturing and service factory, Hezon Vehicle already achieved the highest level in the low speed electric vehicle industry.

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