Low speed electric vehicle

Low speed electric vehicle

smart electric car, beautiful outlook, streamline body,integrated instructure, an economy car for short distance traveling, protecting passengers from strong wind and rain.excellent workmanship and quality, full electric power, top speed 50 km/hour, convenient park and start, saving space usage.

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Product Details

    Xinxiang Hezon Xinhui Electric Vehicle Co.,LTD, Which is professional in supplying 3 wheels, 4 wheels low speed electric vehicles in north China, Since established in 2011, we have earned  a famous reputation in the industry.  In the following days, we are aimed to design and supply more and more economy car to meet consumers requirement.



Curb weight: 765kg

Wheel bade:1959mm

Ground clearance: 140mm

Top speed: 50 km/h

Braking distance: 6m

Climbing: 20 degree

Range: 150km

Battery: Maintenance free acid lead battery  60V100A


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