4 seat low speed car

4 seat low speed car

Xinneng Electric has been committed to study the core technology of low speed electric vehicles,who are willing to work side by side with the people with lofty ideals to create a brilliant future

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  1. Practical and flexible - exquisite design style, compact body with spacious cockpit, double doors and four seats, safe and comfortable workmanship, large passenger space, accommodates 1-5 people. Completely meeting the daily travel needs.

  2. Safety and comfort - the intergtrated structure is made of special-shaped steel pipe. The sturdy and heavy structure design can protect the whole cockpit intactly. The high-elastic artificial leather seat improves comfortable driving.

  3. The details reflect the charm -  door adopts completely automobile technology, tempered glass, double-layer door, which increases the safety and sealing of the body. Vacuum tires and aluminum alloy wheels are used for the wheels, which increases the safety and extends life of the car. 

  4. Easy operation and easy drive - useing car-class steering wheel control, automatic gear position, dynamic and static convers conveniently, speed changes as needed, fully in line with your driving habits, can be mastered through  short time simple learning. configured with multi-media display, rear view camera, Blueteeth, radio, USB / SD card interface, stereo surround and other functions.

  5. The use-cost and maintenance cost are low -100 kilometers of electricity consumption is only 5 KWH, the vehicle structure is simple, the transmission parts are few, the body inside and outside the cover are made of durable engineering plastics, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, vehicles more Lightweight and environmentally friendly, and low maintenance costs.

  6. Rejecting noise and staying away from pollution -  uses advanced AC motor drive system, completely zero pollution, and does not release any harmful substances. Unique car sealing technology, even if you drive through the bustling market, you can enjoy peace and quiet.

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