Affordable 2 Seater Cars Mini Electric Vehicle

Affordable 2 Seater Cars Mini Electric Vehicle

3kw motor 2 adult seaters with 2 baby seaters, maintenance free lead acid battery. 60V 100A, on board charging, charging time:7-9 hours range:120 km, easy operation, convenient parking, safe and capacious room, enjoy your trip.

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  1. Car body adopts streamlined design and exquisite fashion. Double shell, good insulation, high strength, pressure and impact resistance, light weight and good elasticity.

  2. Luxury integrated injection modeling dashboard, electric quantity, mileage, speed three in one digital display instrument, comfortable adjustable seat, electric doors and windows, electric wiper.

  3. High-grade audio system: set plug card (SD card, USD dish), radio, MP3 functions in one.

  4. Professional rear bridge support, high braking sensitivity; anti-roll balance bar; special aluminum-alloy tires, wear-resistant, anti-pressure, super security.

  5. Electric car special shock absorber, performance stability, safety and comfort.

  6. 4000W AC optional motor, intelligent control, high energy precision, low loss, high efficiency, high starting torque, strong overload capacity and long life.

  7. Equipped with the special high-performance inboer controller for electric vehicles, imported MOSFET power tube is adopt to output large start-up torque and high performance protection function, effectively realing the overload protection. There are four core advantages: high heating without damage, suitable for long-term use with high current and low heating, high starting torque and good climbing performance; real-time monitoring, self-regulation control, project the battery, extend the battery life.

  8. The large-capacity no-maintenance battery of the famous brand (it can be equipped with a battery and a built-in switch), intelligent charger, short charging time, large storage capacity and high efficiency.

  9. Water spraying and water proof inspection, sound insulation technology and high-grade carpet.

  10. Special frame, the classic straight cylinder hydraulic front suspension assembly is safe, stable and reliable.

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