Electric Powered Utility Carts

Electric Powered Utility Carts

The electric powered utility carts comes with seating for four, Perfect for city travel, short distance travel and more! This is a electric powered utility carts and has many customized features that can be installed if desired. Available in many colors. As the manufacturer, we can provide you with a fully customized shuttle. Please give us a call today at (86)130-2660-6550 or use the “Request a Quote” button below to have us send you a risk free quote!

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Product Details


  • Model: Hezon Xinhui Firefly H6

  • Passengers: 4

  • Speed: Up to 35 MPH

  • Range: 80 miles (full capacity)

  • Climb: 20% grade (full capacity)

  • Electric Motor: 4 KW

  • Batteries: Tianneng (Made in China)

  • Controller: Enpower (Made in USA)

  • Charger: Eagle On Board (Made in China)

  • Min. Turning Radius: 12 ft

  • Stopping Distance: < 20 ft

  • Overall Dimensions: 9.84 ft L x 4.92 ft W x 5.44 ft H

  • Vehicle Weight: 1,680 lbs.

  • Body: Fiberglass with Steel Frame


  • Captains Chairs

  • HD Multi-function Media Display and  Stereo System

  • Aluminum Rims

  • Acid-lead Batteries (Made in China)

  • Enpower Controller (Made in China)

  • Eagle Smart Charger (Made in China)

  • Headlights

  • Taillights

  • Turn Signals

  • VIN Number

  • Horn

  • AS-1 Windshield

  • Windshield Wiper

  • 3pt Seatbelts

  • 12v Power Outlet

  • H6 configuration

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