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Why doesn't Street Car Golf Cart move?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Maintenance technology:

All electric cars are without power

(1) check whether the battery has output wire head for welding

(2) check the fuse holder

(3) check whether the power lock is good or not

The car has no electricity

(1) check whether the electric vehicle battery output is normal.If the output overbottom proves the battery is broken.Battery replacement is urgently needed.

(2) pull the brake line out.If the vehicle turns, the kill handle must be replaced or serviced in table 2 and the pipe size is normal

(3) check the turnstile with the wire short turn handle and the signal line, such as the vehicle rotation proof turning broken, which is in urgent need of replacement or maintenance.Turn on the power and turn on the handle. Use the multimeter for positive 5V < 1-4 > turn

(4) whether the controller is good or not, you can use the positive 5V short connection of the turning line to indicate that the controller is ok

(5) check the motor.How come the battery of electric car can't run the mileage you said

The motor is the main driving part of the trolley, the heart of the trolley.The quality of the motor directly affects the performance of the trolley.

It is necessary to keep the body (especially the underside) dry for long trolley life.It is also important to repair damaged protective coatings as soon as possible.