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Why do electric vehicle batteries discharge?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Why do electric batteries discharge: typically, the Battery discharges between one and two percent of its power each day. Over time, all of the Battery is drained.The main reasons for electric vehicle battery discharge are as follows:

1.Storage time is too long.

This is normal consumption, so you don't have to worry about it.After long-term storage of the battery, the Condition of discharge will occur due to changes in electrical decryption.

2.The electrolyte contains impurities.

The electrolyte of Battery produced by normal manufacturers is very pure and basically free of impurities, so the discharge is slow and within the normal range.The four-wheel battery car is driven by motor to drive the rear bridge and complete, motor has dc motor, alternating current motor and other types.Dc brush motor consists of magnetic field coil, armature coil, brush and brush frame.After the pain point of the magnetic field coil, the magnetic field is generated, and the armature coil is forced to rotate under the magnetic field. If the stator coil and rotor coil are connected in series, the series excited motor is formed.If the electron coil and rotor coil are connected in parallel, it is called a shunt motor.The stator coil is not connected to the rotor.However, some electric vehicle batteries discharge very fast, and the main reason is that the electrolyte is not pure and contains impurities, so a certain level of potential difference is formed, resulting in a short circuit , the electric power is consumed.

3.The battery has a bridge or short circuit.

According to introducing, when the lead that leads in Battery and outside body form bridge, or the Battery has iron wire, spanner to form easily on Battery positive negative pole connection circumstance, can appear the phenomenon of violent discharge.Four-wheel electric vehicle USES lead acid battery.Some four-wheel electric vehicles also use lithium battery as power source.As the battery is the only power source of electric vehicle, the quality of the battery directly affects the use of four-wheel electric vehicle.In addition, when the battery case or the top cover position has splashes of electrolyte, cause discharge.