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Why do electric cars have shorter range when they run at expressway?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Why do electric cars have shorter range when they run at expressway?

1.The gearbox

Today's all-electric vehicles typically use a single speed reduction motor, which is like a gearbox with only one block.

One block is more than enough for urban road conditions, but at the top of the highway, a pure electric car would have to pull up speed to increase speed.To get Electric Cars For Adults moving at high speeds, the battery system can only improve the output to work in "high discharge" mode.It costs electricity.

2. The wind resistance

The wind resistance and tire resistance at high speed are quite amazing, and the huge windward area results in terrible energy consumption.

3. The temperature

Electric cars survive on batteries, but batteries are the most expensive, with high temperatures damaging their life and low temperatures driving them even further, as they also score some of their energy to insulate them.

4.traffic condition

Driving in the city, stop-and-go is very normal.

Pure electric vehicle parking will not have a senseless energy loss, air conditioning USES electricity directly from the battery pack, most importantly, for the  Electric Cars For Adults , braking energy recovery, may be able to drive the longer distance.


 Electric Cars For Adults  and fuel vehicles are not just different in power, but also in different conditions.

Fuel vehicles in the city stop-and-go special fuel consumption, on the high speed but easily beneficial;The daily commuting cost of a  Electric Cars For Adults  is extremely low. As long as the home has a charging pile, the car costs nothing, but it is very anxious to get on the high speed.